About NJC

About NJC

New Jerusalem Church is a fast growing, progressive Church established and founded in October 1996 in North Charleston, SC by Dr. Charlesetta C. Prioleau.

We are a full-Gospel church striving to exemplify holiness, character, integrity, and excellence in all that we do. We operate under the divine unction of the Holy Spirit with the gifts of the Spirit in operation as outlined in 1 Corinthians 12.

Through an example of distinction in ministry, it is the endeavor of this church to inspire others to achieve and maintain a high caliber of excellence in their walk with God while enhancing their commitment to Jesus Christ through prayer, study of the Word, and a victorious love walk.

Our Mission

Following Christ’s command to love God, love each other and do good, our mission is to:

Glorify God the Father and exalt the Lord Jesus Christ through the anointed preaching and teaching of the Word of God, reaching the lost and hurting with the message of faith and the loving touch of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Build people of all nationalities, races, and creeds to be people of purpose, power, peace, and praise (Jeremiah 29:11, AMP), helping them overcome challenges in their lives and walk in the victory that was given to them through the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Go in to communities and reach those who have been unreachable, love those who seem unlovable, and teach those whom others have called unteachable; feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, helping widows and orphans, visiting and ministering to those who are in prison or sick in spirit, soul, and body (Matthew 24:25-26, KJV).